Mega Man item in this months Loot Gaming crate.

March's gaming crate has a "Sidekicks" theme and contains something to do with Mega Man.  Since it's a sidekick theme maybe it will be Roll, Rush, or Protoman related?  Only time will tell for now but it will most likely be a smaller item as the main franchise featured seems to be Sonic, so maybe a Sonic shirt with a Mega Man figurine?

If you'd like to get one follow the link below :

Also alongside this crate is the Epic Drop which is very much Mega Man themed giving away an SNES classic, wearable helm, and the Mega Man headphones.  (and a Sonic artbook)

[SPOILERS] The Mega Buster in Devil May Cry 5

This article contains SPOILERS of some game mechanics from Devil May Cry 5, including some DLC. This is your last warning to turn back.

With Devil May Cry 5 coming out recently, among other things, new game mechanics were introduced. One of the those mechanics was the ability for Nero, one of the game's protagonists, to use different hands, each granting him some unique abilities.

Nero unlocks many new hands throughout the game, and one of them is the very familiar Mega Buster, in the form of a DLC. Early in the game you gain access to the Mega Buster, costing 1000 red orbs per unit.

In game, the Mega Buster is fairly straightforward. Lemons! Pressing the Arm button will make Nero shoot lemons at his current height. While Nero won't shoot enemies that are higher up or lower down from him, he will turn to face an enemy that's close to in front of him. Locking on an enemy isn't an option either, as Lock On + Arm always uses Nero's Snatch ability, regardless of his active arm.

While the Mega Buster looks like Classic Mega Man's buster, it works a lot more like it did in the Starforce games. Not using the buster for a second or more will make your next shoot a bigger lemon, granting 120 damage, while repeatedly shooting small lemons will do 15 damage each.

Despite charging automatically, Nero can also charge the Mega Buster manually by holding the Arm button. This charged shot is much bigger, blue in color with yellow rings, and it has the ability to knock enemies back. This shot will also do 800 damage to the enemies it hits. However, as with all of Nero's arms, this big shot will destroy the Mega Buster. The Mega Buster can also be destroyed if an enemy hits Nero mid-shot, but this isn't likely to happen, as each shot action lasts a fraction of a second. Additionally, you can destroy the Mega Buster yourself and create a small explosion around you if you are tired of it or want to escape a tight situation.


The Mega Man Death Battle Royale is here!

The moment we've all been waiting for is upon us... all the Mega Men (ok not all, but most) duke it out to the death!  Who's your money on?  Watch the full battle below!


Mega Man and Roll make their way into Street Fighter V!

The moment we've been waiting for is finally here... Guts Man and Air Man were just to get us ramped up for the real deal.  Mega Man and his sister Roll (Caskett) will be available as costumes for Ryu and Sakura starting on February 26th!

Check out their moves in the video below!


New Mega Man X model from Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya has recently shown a prototype model of their upcoming Mega Man X model. You can see the images in their Twitter account:

Right now there isn't much more information about availability or price; so, be sure to keep our eyes open for it!

For those who don't know: Kotobukiya has made multiple build-it-yourself model kits of the Mega Man universe in the past: Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man and Mega Man Zero. It is still possible to find all of them floating around on the depts of the internetz if you really want them really hard. Most of them have been re-released, so, they shouldn't be that hard to find.

Now, it's speculation time!
The fact that they are releasing X and not classic (or any other) Mega Man, strongly suggests that we might see a new entry in the X series this year. CAPCOM has already confirmed that they have started discussing a new game, but has not published any more information about their timelines, which series, etc. Selling an X model kit right about the same time as the game comes out would be the best way to maximize sells. We can only hope!

Via Rockman Corner.


Capcom has released the Mega Man sales numbers!

In an investor relation Q&A, Capcom has finally given up the numbers to their sales and Mega Man did quite well! 

Mega Man 11 sold 870,000 units since it's launch (Oct 2nd, 2018). 

Mega Man X's Legacy Collections sold 920,000 units since it's launch (July, 2018).  

Safe to say that both of these titles did extremely well and will easily break the 1 Million sales mark soon.  Congrats on the amazing comeback Blue Bomber, we hope these sales figures will convince Capcom that this franchise needs continued love and development.


Rockman enlisted by Osaka Police for cyber security awareness.

Starting February 1st through March 18th, the Osaka prefectural Police Cyber Crime prevention spokesperson is officially Rockman!  This event is being held to raise awareness about cyber-crime and how to prevent it.  This really should have been a job for Rockman.exe, but we won't complain.  During this month long event there will be lectures, tours, robotic programming courses for the kiddies, and even some Rockman themed security gifts given out.  Rockman himself will also be awarded with a certificate of appreciation from the city!  Hopefully someone will get some pics of this and we can share them with everyone.  Check out the posters posted around town as well as the full article from the Osaka Police below.

The full announcement and schedule from the Osaka Police :

Capcom crowned Best Publisher by Metacritic for 2018!

Metacritic just put out their ranking of the major publishers for 2018 (must have had 12 releases or more), and Capcom came out number one!  It appears Capcom is back in the game business with lots of great releases last year, but their best was Monster Hunter World sadly and not Mega Man 11.  Their lowest rated game last year was Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 with a metascore of only 60... Thanks a lot X7...  Last year Capcom ranked #5 on the list, so this was a great comeback!  Keep it up Capcom!

The snippet of their Capcom rating.

To check out the entire ranks follow the link below :


Smash Bros Ultimate is getting a Mega Man Spirit event!

The event is kicking off today / February 1st and will run until the 3rd / 4th (depending on time zone).  During this event all of the Mega Man related spirits will appear randomly throughout with Volnutt, Wily, and Bass also appearing at specific times each day to give you a better chance to snag them.

Below is the screen cap of the entire event listing on Switch.


Guts Man coming to Street Fighter V next month!

Capcom is once again giving us Mega Man fans more crossovers this year!  This time around in the form of Guts Man, who will be an unlockable costume for Balrog in the Street Fighter V game.  The costume should become available on February 15th in the "Extra Battle Mode" of the game.

This is the second Mega Man related costume Capcom has given to the Street Fighter fans... the first being a custome to turn Rashid into Air Man back in August (shown below).  Hopefully they'll keep rolling out all the Robot Masters!


Mega Man illustrated by one of the God of War artists.

Raf Grassetti, art director over at Sony Santa Monica and one of the artists for God of War has been remastering Smash Bros contestants on Twitter.  His latest being our very own Blue Bomber... and it is glorious.  Check it out below and bask in its awesomeness.  If that live action movie of Mega Man is still really in the works... let's hope that they hire this guy to help them out and make him look realistic.

Check out his Twitter and tease he did before finishing from a few days ago!