Arby's strikes again with Dr. Light for Father's Day!

An hour ago Arby's shows the Blue Bomber some love once again.  This time around creating Dr. Light from sandwich items like meat and cheese.  Keep up the good work Arby's!

Check out their sandwich related tweet below.


Rockman Day 2019 fan art!

Rockman Day 2019 has passed...  but it brought with it plenty of great fan art!  Here are the creations sent to our Discord server yesterday for you all to enjoy.  :)

The Letter W

Nugnegt w. Fries



MJ Sketchy





Zero replica buster up for pre-order inside GameStop stores as of now!

Thanks to some leaks from employees we now know there is a Replica "X" Buster coming and it can be pre-ordered right now inside stores for $79.99!  Let's hope this is just the start and we get some new helmets as well!

Update :  It's now live on the website for pre-order as well.  Link below