The Mega Man World Discord server hits level 2!

Thanks to our amazing members and supporters our server has achieved rank 2 with a total of 15 Nitro Boosts!  This has enabled up to 150 custom emojis, HD live streaming, better voice chat, bigger attachments, and the best part, a cool little server banner to make us stand out.  Just around the corner is level 3 for 30 boosts!  We can do it!  A few things are going to be planned to celebrate the occassion and will be announced on the server soon.  If you aren't on the server yet... what are you waiting for?   Join us now at this link!  http://discord.megaman.world

Special thanks to the following that boosted (besides me) to make this happen!

Our amazing moderator team : alraz, MegaChibisX, The Letter W, and Bassnium-Z!
And our amazing members : Carbon, Owens, Kiroma, protoman, and Shovels who put us to the top!

Check out the new (temporary) server banner below!  A new custom collaboration piece is going to be made soon to replace it!  Look at all those boost diamonds!😃


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