The Late show uses Mega Man X intro song to introduce a guest.

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the show's band Stay Human used the intro song to Mega Man X to introduce Donny Deutsch.  This isn't the first time Stay Human has done video game music.  They've done Zelda and Sonic music before and clips can be found on YouTube of their covers of these famous songs.  Great to see them showing Mega Man some love as well!  Check out the full clip below!


Capcom's new card battling game Teppen is now available for download!

Capcom's new game Teppen just released today and in it you collect cards to battle through story modes.  X is one of the stars of the game and contains his own storyline, although you start the game out with Ryu as the main player.

The game is free to download from the link below or check out the website https://teppenthegame.com/ for more info.

Download on Google Play
Download on iOS

In the game you'll unlock new character cards, among them is this recognizable duo...

Check out the trailer below!


MegaDriver just released a new album, Heavy Man X today!

Brazilian heavy metal band MegaDriver who focuses mostly on the "Game Metal" genre released a new album today named Heavy Man X.  It features songs from the 8 Maverick stages and a few extras.  You can listen to the whole album right here below or check out their page for it with the link.



Arby's strikes again with Dr. Light for Father's Day!

An hour ago Arby's shows the Blue Bomber some love once again.  This time around creating Dr. Light from sandwich items like meat and cheese.  Keep up the good work Arby's!

Check out their sandwich related tweet below.


Rockman Day 2019 fan art!

Rockman Day 2019 has passed...  but it brought with it plenty of great fan art!  Here are the creations sent to our Discord server yesterday for you all to enjoy.  :)

The Letter W

Nugnegt w. Fries



MJ Sketchy