Mega Man comes to Dragalia Lost in less than a week!

The time is finally near!  Mega Man is coming to Dragalia Lost next week!  During this event you'll be able to play as our blue hero, transform and ride Rush (instead of a dragon form), and collect Mega Man themed buster weapons of every type so all of your hero's can do buster shots.  You'll definitely want to play the event all the way through and unlock everything so you can keep Mega Man on your team all year round.  As usual you'll just have to complete enough quests to max your friendship meter and he's yours to keep! 
There's a ton of other cool Mega Man related things in the event as well so check out their full event page at the following link and be sure to watch the trailer below!
When does it start???  Time's below!


Mega Man 11 hits 1 million units sold!

The Blue Bomber just hit platinum baby!  It took a little over a year to hit it, but Mega Man 11 has now hit over ONE MILLION units sold.  Currently ranking 89th on Capcom's list of their top games sold.

Check out the full listing of Capcom's platinum games on the following link :


The Mega Man World Discord server hits level 2!

Thanks to our amazing members and supporters our server has achieved rank 2 with a total of 15 Nitro Boosts!  This has enabled up to 150 custom emojis, HD live streaming, better voice chat, bigger attachments, and the best part, a cool little server banner to make us stand out.  Just around the corner is level 3 for 30 boosts!  We can do it!  A few things are going to be planned to celebrate the occassion and will be announced on the server soon.  If you aren't on the server yet... what are you waiting for?   Join us now at this link!  http://discord.megaman.world

Special thanks to the following that boosted (besides me) to make this happen!

Our amazing moderator team : alraz, MegaChibisX, The Letter W, and Bassnium-Z!
And our amazing members : Carbon, Owens, Kiroma, protoman, and Shovels who put us to the top!

Check out the new (temporary) server banner below!  A new custom collaboration piece is going to be made soon to replace it!  Look at all those boost diamonds!😃


Capcom says the live action Mega Man movie is still happening.

Yesterday Capcom of Japan released their Financial Review for the year and there was one small paragraph that is raising some eyebrows... they still plan on making the Mega Man movie!  Only two months ago we all thought this project was doomed, and to some it was a sigh of relief, and to others it was a disappointment that yet another Mega project got cancelled.  Well to those who wanted it can now get some of their hope back because it looks like there's still a chance it might get made.  (How good it will be is another matter...).  So keep your eyes and ears open for some updates on this as we find out more.

Here is the quote from the financial report mentioning it :

As such, to generate synergy with its popular games via greater global brand awareness and value, the Company has been producing world-leading content, with brands such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil being made into Hollywood movies, now followed by Monster Hunter and Mega Man, which are also scheduled for live-action film adaptation.

For the full financial report follow the link below :

(picture from LootCrate short film which can be watched on the following link)


Rockman X event is coming to Elemental Story this Halloween!

Yet another mobile game is paying homage to the Blue Bomber with a crossover event.  This time it's the RPG Elemental Story on Android and iOS.  The event doesn't have much info as of yet, but will be fully revealed on October 25th and happen on Halloween just 6 days later.  Stay tuned and check out the official announcement Tweet below!