Mega Man 1 through 11 soundtrack is coming to vinyl!

Laced Vinyl is now selling a limited edition 6 LP collection of select music from all the classic games Mega Man 1 through 11.  All of the cover art is done by none other than ultimatemaverickx who is extremely well known for his amazing Mega Man fan art and animations.  This set is shipping out this fast approaching December and be pre-ordered for $110 before shipping and tax.  It may sound expensive but this gets you 152 Mega Man tracks across 6 double sided LPs.

If you would like to pre-order the set just click the link below.


It's been one year since Mega Man 11... what's happened since?

It's been one year today since Mega Man 11 graced our consoles and quite a bit has happened since then.  Some strange cross promotions, game crossovers, fan games, and some straight up weird merch.  Here's a quick breakdown with links to our articles of when it happened in this year of Mega Man!

10/18/2018 : Mega Man appears in Monster Hunter World!

10/30/18 : Goodsmile Company put this beauty up for pre-order!

11/1/18 : Nintendo Direct announces more Mega Man stuff coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

11/2/18 : Funko announces a new line of Mega Man figures.

11/8/18 : Redbull and Rockman team up in Japan to release a browser based game featuring a ice skating race between Tundra Man and Rockman!

11/8/18 : Capcom starts releasing adorable little comics to help newcomers to the Mega Man series with tips for playing Mega Man 11.
For the full list of comics made here's the link :

11/13/18 : TheGameAwards.com nominates Mega Man 11 for action game of the year!

11/21/18 : Rockman makes an appearance in Monster Hunter Frontier Z!

11/17/18 : The denim jackets return, with a Protoman version in tow!

12/4/18 : The Mega Man Zero complete works book gets a reprint announced saving us all a small fortune compared to the inflated prices all over by scalpers.

12/12/18 : The first of many Fully Charged toys get announced.

12/13/18 : The NFL gets in on the Mega Man action by making some team artwork heavily inspired by the Blue Bomber and Robot Masters.

12/17/18 : Rockman X turns 25 and with it some new art to celebrate!

12/17/18 :  Maverick Hunter X: Giga Mission fan game announced.

12/18/18 : The Megas releases a new Mega Man themed holiday album!

12/30/18 : Mega Man producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya teases that an upcoming game is coming.

1/10/19 : Mega Man gets redrawn by one of the artists from God of War and it looks BAD ASS.

2/1/19 : Smash Bros Ultimate gets a Mega Man event in game!

2/1/19 : Capcom gets Best Publisher in 2019 award by Metacritic.

2/1/18 : Rockman enlisted by the Osaka Police department in a joint effort for Cyber Security Awareness.

2/9/18 : Kotobukiya announces new Mega Man X models.

2/15/19 : Gutsman costume becomes available in Super Street Fighter V!

2/26/19 : Mega Man and Roll now available to purchase costumes in Street Fighter V!

2/28/19 : All the Mega Men gets featured in an all out Death Battle.

3/9/19 : Mega Man game mechanics and weapon added to Devil May Cry 5.

3/9/19 : Mega Man gets more love from Loot Crate.

4/7/19 : Capcom gives everyone the Mega Man 11 instrumental soundtrack free of charge.

4/16/19 : Capcom announces strange arcade stick with Mega Man : The Power Battles built in!

5/16/19 : Sega Genesis Mini announced with The Wily Wars built in.

6/1/19 : Mega Man X buster goes up for pre-order.

6/10/19 : Rockman Day!!!  Uploaded some fan art from our server users.

6/13/19 : Arby's shows some love to Dr. Light on Father's Day.

7/1/19 : Brazillian heavy metal band MegaDriver releases a Mega Man themed album.

7/4/19 : Capcom releases card battling mobile game featuring Mega Man named Teppen.

7/17/19 : The Late Show band plays Mega Man X into on the show.

7/22/19 : Capcom announces new mobile game, Rockman X DiVE!!!

8/8/19 : Mega Man live action movie pretty much cancelled...

8/9/19 : New fan game, Mega Man Royale released!

8/24/19 : Retrobit making a repro cart of The Wily Wars making it the first time it comes to the U.S.

8/27/19 : Mega Man Zero collection announced!

9/3/19 : Rockman teams up with TEAM SHACHI to make a new music single.

9/4/19 : Protoman and Zero costumes added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

9/12/19 : Rockman X DiVE Beta begins!

9/26/19 : Mega Man announced to be coming to a Dragalia Lost event.


Mega Man is coming to Dragalia Lost this Winter!

Just announced last night on the Dragalia Lost stream is an event starting this Winter named Mega Man Chaos Protocol.  Not much info is known at this time with more info promised to be shared on the next stream on October 1st.  You can check out the official announcement segment in the video below (it's fast forwarded to the Mega Man part of course).  Just goes to show that Nintendo loves the Blue Bomber and will continue to support him!  Can't wait to see it!  Stay tuned!

If you'd like to download the game use the links below :


Last chance to sign up for the Rockman X DiVE closed beta!

Doing the rounds today I see so many people complaining that it requires a login and password even though everyone was warned over and over of the period to sign up... well Capcom has heard your pleas and is giving you ANOTHER CHANCE!  Don't miss out this time!  Sadly there is one catch though... these late sign ups won't get to play until the 14th. 

Here is the link, you need to sign up before tomorrow!!!


MEGA MAN X DiVE is now available on the Google Play store

The closed beta test is almost upon us and to start things off Capcom of Taiwan has made it available to download early.  Sadly if you try to launch it you'll just get Capcom startup sound for the game followed directly by an animation for connecting and then a server error.  The CBT will allow access to those of you that have signed up ahead of time on the 12th as originally planned so just hold tight, we're almost there!

Download it now at the following link :