Capcom releasing a 16 game plug and play arcade stick!

Capcom just put up for pre-order a plug and play arcade joystick with 16 of their classic arcade games.  Making the list of course is Mega Man : The Power Battle!  It's powered by micro USB, comes with HDMI out, and its own onboard Wifi for uploading your scores to online leader-boards.  Right now the date of release for this device is October 25th later this year so we've got awhile still to wait to play with his thing.  This wait will also give you some time to save up the money for it because at $260 it isn't cheap!  Below some images of the device, a trailer Capcom has released for it, and a breakdown of the measurements.

If you would like to pre-order the device you may do so from the official Capcom store at the link below :


First 4 Figures needs our input for the new Zero statue!

If you haven't heard of First 4 Figures before they are an awesome collectibles company that makes video game statues and has a close relationship with its fans.  They often turn to their fans for input to help mold their future statue lines, licencors, poses, and even facial expressions for almost everything they make.  This time around they want our help in choosing the pose for their upcoming Zero statue!  This will be the 5th statue in their Mega Man lineup so far as they've already made an X, Mega Man, Protoman, and Mega Man on Item 2 statues in the past. 

If you would like to vote on this poll and are a member of FaceBook please go join their collectors club and vote at the link below.

If you would like to help out and vote but don't want to use the official poll please vote on our social media posts and we will relay the info to their team.  I will add a temporary channel on the Discord as well to allow voting.  (www.megaman.world/discord)

Below are the proposed poses they have in mind as well as a larger view with a short description.  I'm sure the base proposals are subject to change so try to focus more on Zero's pose itself more than the overall proposal.

Choice A. : Zero with Z-Saber raised above his head standing on ruins.

Choice B. : Zero slashing the air in a battle pose with saber slash trail effects around him.  Know F4F these effects would probably be glowing on the higher end editions of the statue for a pretty cool glowing effect.

Choice C. :  This pose Zero looks like he might be mid jump coming from an exploding ground.

Choice D. : Zero looks like he's in a downward slash coming almost to a kneeling position.

Choice E. :  Zero in another big slash motion, more of a mid battle pose on what appears to be some sort of hover platform.


The alternate soundtrack DLC for Mega Man 11 is now free!

The "Wily Numbers" Instrumental Stage Tracks DLC that was originally given away at some retails for pre-ordering the game is now available on all of the e-Shops for free!  Using this soundtrack makes it like playing a whole new game and may change many opinions of those who said they didn't really care for 11's original soundtrack.  Go get it downloaded and let us know what you think!

Links to the DLC :

Switch US :
Switch UK :

PlayStation US :
PlayStation EU :

Microsoft Store :


Mega Man item in this months Loot Gaming crate.

March's gaming crate has a "Sidekicks" theme and contains something to do with Mega Man.  Since it's a sidekick theme maybe it will be Roll, Rush, or Protoman related?  Only time will tell for now but it will most likely be a smaller item as the main franchise featured seems to be Sonic, so maybe a Sonic shirt with a Mega Man figurine?

If you'd like to get one follow the link below :

Also alongside this crate is the Epic Drop which is very much Mega Man themed giving away an SNES classic, wearable helm, and the Mega Man headphones.  (and a Sonic artbook)

[SPOILERS] The Mega Buster in Devil May Cry 5

This article contains SPOILERS of some game mechanics from Devil May Cry 5, including some DLC. This is your last warning to turn back.

With Devil May Cry 5 coming out recently, among other things, new game mechanics were introduced. One of the those mechanics was the ability for Nero, one of the game's protagonists, to use different hands, each granting him some unique abilities.

Nero unlocks many new hands throughout the game, and one of them is the very familiar Mega Buster, in the form of a DLC. Early in the game you gain access to the Mega Buster, costing 1000 red orbs per unit.

In game, the Mega Buster is fairly straightforward. Lemons! Pressing the Arm button will make Nero shoot lemons at his current height. While Nero won't shoot enemies that are higher up or lower down from him, he will turn to face an enemy that's close to in front of him. Locking on an enemy isn't an option either, as Lock On + Arm always uses Nero's Snatch ability, regardless of his active arm.

While the Mega Buster looks like Classic Mega Man's buster, it works a lot more like it did in the Starforce games. Not using the buster for a second or more will make your next shoot a bigger lemon, granting 120 damage, while repeatedly shooting small lemons will do 15 damage each.

Despite charging automatically, Nero can also charge the Mega Buster manually by holding the Arm button. This charged shot is much bigger, blue in color with yellow rings, and it has the ability to knock enemies back. This shot will also do 800 damage to the enemies it hits. However, as with all of Nero's arms, this big shot will destroy the Mega Buster. The Mega Buster can also be destroyed if an enemy hits Nero mid-shot, but this isn't likely to happen, as each shot action lasts a fraction of a second. Additionally, you can destroy the Mega Buster yourself and create a small explosion around you if you are tired of it or want to escape a tight situation.