Mega Man : Perfect Blue fan game in development.

A new fan game named Mega Man Perfect Blue has been revealed this week.  The game looks pretty standard with gameplay of Mega, and then near the end it reveals you get to also play as a really cool broom wielding Roll for some melee action!  Check out the full trailer below!


Rockman X-DiVE coming March 24th!

Announced early this morning... Rockman X-DiVE is available on March 24th!  Pre-Registration has also gone past the newest goal of 500,000... so everyone who pre-registered will get the S-Rank weapon they promised!

Still have pre-registered???  Here's the link : http://event.capcom.com.tw/rxd/obt_0203/en-US.html

Extraordinary Mortar : S-Rank Weapon for reaching 500,000 pre-registrations!

All the rewards coming!


Countertop arcade machine coming from Arcade1up!

Revealed at CES this year was this Arcade1Up "counter-cade" with Mega Man 1 and 2 on board.  No release date or pricing as of yet... but supposedly sometime this later this year just like the plug and play controller also in the works.

The funniest part of this packaging (prototype shown) is that the screen appears to be playing Mega Man X3.  Most likely this will be fixed before it gets to stores much like the recent "Megan" Man Zero collections that were displayed.