The X series turns 25 tomorrow, could this new art be for X9?

A brand new illustration celebrating the 25th anniversary of Rockman X has been revealed and is said to be tied to a new product coming soon to E-Capcom in Japan.  The illustration was done by Keisuke Mizuno who you will recognize made the sleek X design that got used by TruForce Collectibles to make all those incredible action figures.  The Zero design also got used by Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, but sadly no figure was made.  This new image shows us Axl in this style as well as a little peak at Alia.  Could this new product be an art print?  New figures?  Or maybe (and this might be a stretch) the Rockman X9 reveal?  Only time will tell right now, so sit tight and we'll let you know.

Check out a video of the reveal below :

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