TEAM SHACHI × Rockman Special Collaboration

Announced yesterday is a strange collaboration between Rockman and TEAM SHACHI to celebrate their new single "Rocket Queen feat. MCU” x “ROCKMAN Rockman”.  They've released a trailer for the collaboration as you can watch below.  There will be 4 different variants of the single 3 of which are Mega Man themed covers.  You can check out those covers below as well. 

Until the 12th all we can do is wait, but be sure to keep an eye on their event site for updates..

The 4 album variants.

Time Train Edition [Limited Edition] (top left)
Super Tough Disk [First Press Limited Edition] (top right)
Strong Energy Disk Version (bottom left)
Positive Exciting Soul Disk Version (bottom right)

Oh and one more thing... this collaboration has given us a look at Mega Man's sad fate...

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