Mega Man : Fully Charged episode 1 preview

As promised Man of Action has released its first episode preview for the new cartoon on their dedicated YouTube channel.  This new preview also reveals a few things the trailer did not, most importantly how Mega Man copies boss powers.  This time around he must use a streaming attack on the boss that slowly downloads and fills up a meter before he can transform to use that bosses power.  I must this this does seem like a much more realistic way to copy powers than from the Ruby Spears cartoon where he only needed to touch them to steal it.  It also shows more about Mega Mini and the space inside the helmet that he occupies.  Check it out below and tell us what you think in the comments.

Note : Some people are saying that it is blocked in their country... hopefully Man of Action will get that fixed soon so all can see it.

Update 7/26 : Part 2 is out!

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