The Mega Man themed denim jackets are back!

Remember those extremely rare denim jackets Volante Design made years and years ago that was sold through Capcom's website?  Probably not, but it happened and I got one for my collection.  Now they are back again, and with it is a brand new Proto Man themed jacket as well!  These jackets don't come cheap though, coming in at a cool $375.00 before shipping.  They will only ship to North American addresses as well due to the licensing agreements they made with Capcom.  

Check out the pics below and if you'd like to acquire one of these follow this link :

Monster Hunter Frontier Z crossover coming next week!

The collaboration between Capcom franchise Rockman and Monster Hunter that was announced at the Tokyo Game Show this year is finally happening next week!  Starting on November 21st you'll be able to play as Rock in Monster Hunter : Frontier Z as shown in the trailer below.  Capcom has really gone all out this year for the 30th anniversary and put our beloved Blue Bomber in almost every franchise they make.  Keep it up Capcom!


Advice from Dr. Lights Lab Comics

This page will be updated to include every Mega Man 11 tips comic Capcom releases once they get translated and posted.  Enjoy!

Posted 12.27.18

Posted 12.24.18

Posted 12.13.18

Posted 12.08.18

Posted 11.29.18

Posted 11.27.18

Posted 11.20.18

Posted 11.15.18

Posted 11.08.18


Mega Man 11 - Best Action Game of 2018 Nomination

We did it, Mega Fans! Mega Man 11 has been nominated for best action game of the year, and we need votes!

The Game Awards is running its contest to find the best games of 2018, and the Blue Bomber has been nominated for the Best Action Game Category. He needs as many votes as he can.

You can go over https://thegameawards.com/awards/ and vote for him, and hurry, the winners will be announced on Dec 6th. You can vote once every 24 hours, and our beloved returning robot could surely use some help.


Capcom making comics to help newcomers to Mega Man 11.

Last night Capcom released the first comic in a series they call "Advice from Dr. Light's Lab".  No idea how many comics will come from this but they are cute to say the least.  This first comic tells the player that it is OK to lower the difficulty of the game if you're having trouble.  Great advice for a newcomer... but I'm sure many past fans of the game would rather spend endless rage inducing runs than lower it themselves.  If this becomes an often event of them posting comics I'll make a new post and keep adding them as they come out.

The original tweet :


Rockman teams up with Red Bull to take on Tundra Man!

In a very strange collaboration, Mega Man is teaming up with Red Bull in Japan to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  So much so that they've even created an 8-Bit mini game just for the occasion that you can actually collect Red Bull cans instead of E-Tanks to power yourself up (with wings of course, duh).  The main goal of this game is to beat Tundra Man in an ice skating competition.  As weird as this all is... it's brought some really cool artwork and assets to play with, like official 8-Bit sprites and this image below which I re-created from the website asset layers.

The website that contains the game is located here : https://redbull-rockman.com/

Here's a shot of the game where he's already powered up with a Red Bull can and has gained the wings which make him invulnerable to enemies.

Bonus adorable Rockman sprite with Red Bull Wings!


First 4 Figures making another Mega Man statue!

First 4 Figures will be soon showing some details on their next Mega Man statue.  From the looks of things it will be a faithful replica of the Mega Man 11 style Rock and be made of PVC instead of their past few statues which were more expensive and made of resin.  Below is the teaser post by CEO Alex Davis in the First 4 Figures Official Collectors Club on FaceBook.  I'll do what I can get get more info on this as soon as I can so hang tight!

I currently own all of the First 4 Figure Mega Man related statues, but for those of you not familiar with their products, take a gander at the pictures below with links if you'd like to purchase.

Link to their Classic Mega Man statue line :



New line of Funko action figures revealed!

Funko is coming out with a new line of action figures, and for once they are not their POP! figures which many collectors seem to dislike.  The release date appears to be January 22nd. and the figures will come in 4 variations (one being a Chase) and also a Dr. Wily figure as well!  The initial launch has Dr. Wily, normal blue Mega Man, Thunder Beam, and Leaf Shield with Atomic Fire being the chase of the latter.  They also include extra hands if you don't want his Mega Buster to be equipped.

If you'd like to pre-order them Click Here as they are currently up on Entertainment Earth.  It appears they are also on Amazon if you'd like to order them.


New Mega additions to Smash Bros Ultimate!

Thanks to today's Smash Bros themed Nintendo Direct we now see more Mega Man things join the mix!  Dr. Wily will be joining this mix as an assist trophy that will rain down havoc on your foes in his Wily machine!

Another completely new feature to the game was revealed in the way of a Spirits system which can be collected, leveled, and used to power up your characters.  To earn them you need to complete challenges like fighting Giant Mega Man among other things.

For more info check out the entire Nintendo Direct stream below!