Mega Man is coming to Dragalia Lost this Winter!

Just announced last night on the Dragalia Lost stream is an event starting this Winter named Mega Man Chaos Protocol.  Not much info is known at this time with more info promised to be shared on the next stream on October 1st.  You can check out the official announcement segment in the video below (it's fast forwarded to the Mega Man part of course).  Just goes to show that Nintendo loves the Blue Bomber and will continue to support him!  Can't wait to see it!  Stay tuned!

If you'd like to download the game use the links below :


Last chance to sign up for the Rockman X DiVE closed beta!

Doing the rounds today I see so many people complaining that it requires a login and password even though everyone was warned over and over of the period to sign up... well Capcom has heard your pleas and is giving you ANOTHER CHANCE!  Don't miss out this time!  Sadly there is one catch though... these late sign ups won't get to play until the 14th. 

Here is the link, you need to sign up before tomorrow!!!


MEGA MAN X DiVE is now available on the Google Play store

The closed beta test is almost upon us and to start things off Capcom of Taiwan has made it available to download early.  Sadly if you try to launch it you'll just get Capcom startup sound for the game followed directly by an animation for connecting and then a server error.  The CBT will allow access to those of you that have signed up ahead of time on the 12th as originally planned so just hold tight, we're almost there!

Download it now at the following link :


Protoman and Zero join the fight in Smash Bros!

Just announced in today's Nintendo Direct are two new costumes for your Mii available later today for just 75 cents each.  The best being Zero and Protoman of course!  Sadly they are still just costumes, but it's something right?  I'll be upgrading my custom fighters immediately as I'm sure many of you as well.  Check them out in the pics below!

As expected... Protoman will be a gunner.

Which of course makes Zero a Swordfighter.

TEAM SHACHI × Rockman Special Collaboration

Announced yesterday is a strange collaboration between Rockman and TEAM SHACHI to celebrate their new single "Rocket Queen feat. MCU” x “ROCKMAN Rockman”.  They've released a trailer for the collaboration as you can watch below.  There will be 4 different variants of the single 3 of which are Mega Man themed covers.  You can check out those covers below as well. 

Until the 12th all we can do is wait, but be sure to keep an eye on their event site for updates..

The 4 album variants.

Time Train Edition [Limited Edition] (top left)
Super Tough Disk [First Press Limited Edition] (top right)
Strong Energy Disk Version (bottom left)
Positive Exciting Soul Disk Version (bottom right)

Oh and one more thing... this collaboration has given us a look at Mega Man's sad fate...