Impact Man revealed for Mega Man 11!

Capcom just announced Impact Man on twitter!  That only leaves 3 more Robot Masters names not confirmed so far.  Check out all his info below!  As you'll see in the video Impact Man is a user of the Power Gear as to be expected which turns him into a giant jack hammer machine!

Here's what Rock will  look like while using Impact Man's weapon "Pile Driver"!

For Capcom's full release info on Impact Man check out their link here :


Mega Man : Fully Charged is coming to Canada, and Episodes 11-18 titles!

One of the biggest complaints I've heard about the new cartoon so far is that it's been restricted to the U.S. only.  Well coming September 8th the show will debut in Canada on CHRGD!  They quietly slipped the show onto their schedule and added it to their show lineup (if you search for it.)


Here's also what their site has to describe the title :

About The Show

For years, robots and humans have lived peacefully side by side in the futuristic world of Silicon City. However, there are those who want to destroy the balance and believe that man and machine were never meant to coexist! Luckily, Silicon City has a protector: Aki Light; a regular schoolboy robot with a secret… Deep within his programming lie protocols that can transform him into the powerful hero, Mega Man! He is equipped with an unbreakable armor, a Mega Buster arm cannon and his sidekick bot named Mega Mini.
Fully-charged adventures await as Mega Man goes head-to-head with the Robot Masters to protect the citizens of Silicon City. With his family at his side – his father and inventor, Dr. Light; human sister, Suna; and robo-pup Rush – Aki needs to learn to balance regular robot life with his responsibilities as superhero. It’s time to get Meganized!

Also for those of you who are watching the show, the titles and descriptions for episodes 11 through 18 have come out!  Check them out below.

Episode 11: "Unfriendly Competition" 

Aki must set aside a petty rivalry with Bert Wily in order to stop Chemistry Man from wreaking havoc at Silicon Central's Field Day. 

Episode 12: "Opposites Attract" 

Fire Man and Wave Man team up to evaporate the city's water supply, forcing Mega Man to team up with an ally of his own-Suna.

Episode 13: "I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency)" 

When Ice Man decides to be a hero, Mega Man, influenced by Ice Man's literalness, steps down from the hero biz until a true crisis snaps him out of it. 

Episode 14: "Trust Your Guts, Man!" 

Guts Man tries to undo Dr. Light's eco-friendly disposal of trash in Silicon City by infiltrating the family and destroying the Lighthouse so he can eat it! 

Episode 15: "Drill of the Hunt" 

Mega Man tries a quick fix using Hypno Woman's powers to rehabilitate Drill Man, to disastrous results! 

Episode 16: "Power Cycle" 

After replicating Elec Man's powers, an underslept/overcharged Mega Man goes on a 24/7 hero spree that ends up turning him into his own worst enemy. 

Episode 17: "Bored to Be Wild" 

Mega Man teams up with his crush, Ashley Adderley, to solve a series of science riddles left by Chemical Man, who's plotting to turn all the city's metal into rubber. 

Episode 18: "Enter the Wood Man" 

Mega Man accidentally awakens Wood Man, who thinks it's still the Hard Age, sets off on a path of destruction toward Silicon City.


Mega Man 11 XBox One controller finally announced!

This thing has been hanging around on GameStop's website for about a month with a very tiny and crappy picture... but today MicroSoft has announced it with much better pictures.  It's made by Hyperkin and will launch alongside the game on October 2nd.  It is a wired controller for all you input lag fearing gamers out there and will run you only $29.99.  This will also work on Windows computers, and being USB you should be able to run it on a Nintendo Switch with the right adapters as just about anything can be hooked the the Switch system.

Here are the pre-order links for GameStop and the official Hyperkin store :


The new POP! PEZ dispensers are coming soon!

The new POP! PEZ dispensers I showed previously in a post are almost upon us!  They are coming in 3 different colors, original blue, red (Magnet Missile), and a glow in the dark green (Gyro Attack) which will be a GameStop exclusive just as the POP! figure of the same style.  No word on pricing as of yet, but they will start to appear in stores in October.  I really think they missed a great opportunity here to include an all lemon flavored PEZ roll with the dispenser, but that could be something PEZ doesn't allow.

For more info and to see the rest of the POP! PEZ line, check out their blog post here :


New Era releases a new hat lineup in the Philippines.

New Era is back again with even more Mega Man hats to fill out your wardrobe.  This time around they are in the Philippines with 4 new awesome designs.  The coolest (and most expensive at around $68) is a flat brimmed hat styled after the Blue Bomber's very own helmet!  Check out the new styles below or follow the link below to purchase from their store.


PHP 3,595.00 / $67.45 USD

PHP 2,295.00 / $43.06 USD

PHP 1,995.00 / $37.43 USD

PHP 1,995.00 / $37.43 USD


Mega Man X Legacy Collection gets a patch on Steam.

Capcom just released a patch to fix some of the issues users were having on their Steam copies of the game.  If you're a Steam owner and have the game, go log in to get this update today!  Happy gaming!

2 solid gold Rockman statues revealed!

Capcom TV's stream just revealed a two solid gold statues of the Blue Bomber for an extremely pricey 2,400,000 yen... which is around $21,000.00 USD, and a smaller version for 690,000 yen, around $6,200.00.  Ouch... but at least they come with really nice display cases and storage cases!


Playable Mega Man 11 demo coming next month!

9/4 Update : The day has come add gone with still no demo in site.  No word from Capcom about it either.  I did have Alraz ask them about the demo at PAX and Capcom did confirm there is one coming... but so far no date has been confirmed.  We'll keep you posted as soon as more info comes in.

Thanks to a listing on the XBox One we now know that a playable demo of Block Man's stage is coming on September 4th!  So far it has not been confirmed that the other systems will get this playable demo, but I will update this article as soon as more info comes in.  It is also unknown if it will be the full version of the level or cut off at the boss room... but it does state that you'll be able to try out the Double Gear system.  Will you download and play the demo or wait one more month to get the full experience?  It might be a good idea to get the demo to perfect your gear using skills ahead of time so you're ready for the real thing  come October 2nd... but what a tease it will be.

Until the demo comes out enjoy drooling over these beautiful screenshots.  :)

Mega Man 11 gets a Pix’n Love collectors edition.

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another version of Mega Man 11 there arrives yet one more late in the game for Europe.  This version is a Pix’n Love exclusive edition and comes with quite a few goodies that make it worth picking up for either the XBox One of PlayStation 4.  The main reason being a brand new hardcover book that covers the history of Mega Man leading up to 11, and a really cool retro style box that brings a lot of nostalgia with it.  It's available now for pre order for around $63 USD.

Pre-Order Link for XBox One :

Pre-Order Link for PlayStation 4 :


Zero appears in Smash Bros Ultimate!

Today Nintendo did another Nintendo Direct and showcased lots more info on Super Smash Bros Ultimate.  Among those revelations was that Zero make an appearance in the game, but sadly at this point, only as an assist trophy.  Although this does give me hope that he will one day become a playable fighter since the model and a few attacks are already in the games coding.

Once the assist trophy is used he pops out and does one of a few different moves, and then turns his back in his bad ass fashion before teleporting away.


Meet the cast of Mega Man : Fully Charged

First off : SPOILERS AHEAD.  If you haven't watched the episodes yet, you may learn more than you wanted to know... though mostly just about the characters.

Today is the day that all 10 episodes of the cartoon have been released online for those with cable provider logins.  Each episode runs 11 minutes and no commercial interruptions.  To go and watch the episodes now use the link below.


I must admit that I don't hate it, and it's really not nearly as bad as people think it was going to be.  It's still obviously for children as it tries to resolve things without fighting and teach life lessons along the way, but there is also nods more adult humor, tons of puns, and Mega Mini provides some comic relief as the goofy sidekick.

The Light Family : Thomas, Aki, Suna, and Rush.

First off we have the Light family... and of course the father is Dr. Thomas Light as always.  The years have treated him well this time around and he's looking rather buff than his predecessors in the other cartoons and games.  Also strangely enough, this time around Dr. Light has no idea that his own son is Mega Man... so I'm not exactly sure how Aki got the powers to become Mega Man.

Next we have his children Aki and Suna.  Aki is his robotic son and greatest creation, while Suna is his human daughter from a mother not mentioned.

And last but not least... the family pet and most loyal of robo dogs, Rush!  This version of Rush looks more like a real dog and does not appear to have any transformations or powers at this time... but I'm sure that will change in the future episodes.

The Good Guys (bots)

The star of the show of course is Mega Man!

Alongside Mega Man is his tiny sidekick Mega Mini who just kind of hangs out when Aki is not transformed and lives inside of Mega's helmet to control his powers when he is geared up in his Mega Man form.

A closer look at Mega Mini's control room inside Mega Man's helmet.  From inside he can view health (you can see the old school NES style health meter), control his boss his powers, and do repairs to damaged systems during fights.

The Good Guild is a bunch of look alike robots that appear to act as the futuristic city's police force, fire fighters, and all around rescue team.

Aki and Suna go to a school with a giant robotic principal which seems to be left over from a past robot war and revamped to be used in a school setting.  Notice the missiles were replaced with pencils.

I mentioned he was big right?  Here's just him in another scene for scale... he's as tall as skyscrapers.

The Good Guys (humans)

They don't say much about him, but Aki's best friend is a Wily.  Bert Wily to be exact.  In the show his outfits usually don the Wily symbol on his chest, though there is no mention of how he is related to the much more famous Dr. Albert Wily.  Possibly his father, grandfather, or uncle?  Hopefully time will tell.

The smartest (and most annoying) kid in Aki and Suna's school.  Peter Punkowski (spelling?).

The Villain(s)

This may be the guy behind it all... or at least some of the Robot Master attacks.  He's Sergeant Breaker Night.  An obvious nod to fans with his first name to Break Man.  Part of his giant grudge against humans and robots living in harmony is because he somehow lost an arm and has had it replaced with a robotic one.

Although they don't really reveal it (major Dr. Claw vibe from inspector gadget in this scene), it's completely obvious this guy is Sergeant Night and seems to control at least some of the Robot Masters listed below.

The Robot Masters

I will go over the Robot Masters in the order as they appear in the show.  I won't be revealing any powers they posses as to not give any spoilers for the show beyond appearances.

First up is Fire Man, who appears in the first and second (technically one show, 2 parts) episode.

Appearing in episode 3 we have Drill Man.

Episode 4 brings an all new original Robot Master, Hypno Woman!

A little bit later in the series it is also revealed that Hypno Woman has a human disguise and goes by the name Marie, though the disguise fools no one.

Episode 5 introduces Wave Man.

In episode 6 we're introduced to an old favorite... but he's so differently designed he's unrecognizable.  Either way, here is the new Ice Man!

Episode 8 introduces another completely new robot master, and again another woman.  Blasto Woman!

The 10th and last episode (available so far) brings us another vastly redesigned bot in Air Man.