Mega Man X : Legacy Collection Challenge Mode revealed!

Capcom just dropped the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 Challenge Mode details and it looks amazing!  The "X Challenge" mode shown is to do battle against two like bosses at once like Chill Penguin & Frost Walrus at the same time, or even Vile MK-2 & High Max.

Check it out the full trailer below.


Mega Man "Get Equipped" art contest winners have been announced!

Capcom has chosen the four winners of its "Get Equipped" art contest.  The theme for the contest was to show Mega Man in his boss power armor for older Robot Master weapons from the past games.  Check out the winners below!

Capcom's full results post :

Gravity Man by Midnite

Top Man by AWD!

Bubble Man by MultitapStart

Sword Man by Taitotu


Street Fighter V : Arcade Edition gets an Air Man costume!

With the release of Mega Man 11 coming quickly Capcom has decided to pay homage to one of the great Mega Man Robot Masters and turn Rashid into Air Man with an upcoming costume!

Here's Capcom's description and a picture of what the costume will look like.

Air Man Costume (Rashid) - Anxious for the next Crossover Costume after Gloria? With Mega Man 11 sliding on to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 2, we wanted to pay homage to the series by turning our very own master of wind into Air Man, a Robot Master who made his debut in Mega Man 2. If you can’t wait to defeat Air Man, pick up Mega Man Legacy Collection, out now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!


Mega Man 11 diorama available for pre-order.

GameStop may have leaked a Mega Man 11 diorama a bit early since it says it's "by ThinkGeek" and ThinkGeek doesn't even have it for pre-order yet.  No info is known at this time when it comes to sizing, but it's $49.99 and hits shelves on 10/30/2018.  At this time only a low-res photo of it exists, but I will update this article as soon as more info comes in.

If you would like to pre-order from GameStop here is the link :


The Mega Man booth at E3!

Capcom really outdid themselves this year at E3 creating a colossal shrine to the Blue Bomber for his 30th anniversary.  Some of the highlights include a massive timeline on the wall showing off all of the games, TVs with Mega Man trivia on them, lots of playable demos of Mega Man 11, showcases of new merchandise, and even a massive life sized diorama so you can have your photograph taken riding Rush Jet and fighting alongside Rock himself.  

Thank you once again to my friend Adam for snapping some great pictures for us all to stare at in envy... if you'd like to stop by and thank him, check out his new gaming Discord server by clicking [HERE].

Here are some pictures of the entire timeline.

Some close ups of the wall mural art.

Below you'll see some products I've previously announced and some new stuff that hasn't been seen before... like some more Pixel Pals!  

And last but not lease... we have the life sized interactive diorama you can pose with for pictures.  Absolutely incredible... would go great in my "Mega" Man Cave... :)

Here's the entire diorama as shown by Capcom's Patrick Kulikowski on Twitter.  Amazing!

Mega Man confirmed for Smash Bros on Switch!

The Nintendo Direct press conference has just confirmed minutes ago that Mega Man will be returning to the new Super Smash Bros game for the Nintendo Switch!  Every playable character from every Smash game ever, even DLC, will be in the new game.  This will be the largest crossover game ever made to date with 66 fighters revealed so far.  Can't wait!

The Final Smash move was shown in the live feed and also shows Protoman and Bass appear behind the others during the attack... what could this mean?  Protoman and Bass now playable as well or possibly an Echo Fighter of Mega Man for each?  Only time will tell!


Funko just announced a Jumping Mega Man POP figure.

Funko just announced another new Mega Man POP Figure into their lineup and for once it's not just a re-color!  This little guy comes with a clear acrylic stand to give him the appearance of his well known jumping pose.  He's due to hit shelves in August but no exact date is known yet.

From Funko :

“Mega Man has ended the evil domination of Dr. Wily …”

Defeat the Robot Masters with this new Mega Man Pop! vinyl
figure, depicted leaping into action armed with his Mega Buster.
No Mega Man collection is complete without
the titular hero, also known by the alias Blue Bomber.
Embodying courage, a passion for justice and restraint when dealing with
his enemies, Mega Man is a credit to his creators, Dr. Light and Capcom,
and is extremely unlikely to cause any brawls among your collection.

Also don't forget the previously announced E3 exclusive POP Figure of 8-Bit Mega Man with his Black Hole Bomb theme.  This figure should be available shortly as E3 is just around the corner.  For those that cannot attend E3 this year, this POP should also be making its way to your local GameStops, so keep your eyes peeled!

From Funko :

Pop! 8-Bit: Mega Man – Black Hole Bomb
Mega Man has fired off the Black Hole Bomb with this purple 8-bit Pop!
Also available at GameStop retail locations!


Mega Man 11 : What we know so far.

(Last Updated : 9/20)

Note :  I will be constantly updating this page as we gain more knowledge about the game so bookmark this page and check back often!  

Game Info :

Release Dates :  Worldwide on October 2nd, 2018 and in Japan on October 4th, 2018.

Demo Release Dates :  The playable demo released for the Nintendo Switch on 9/6/18 while the PS4 and XBox One demos were released on 9/7/18 a day later.

Voice acting & Music : The game has voice acting in English and Japanese and can be user selected.  The sound track is by the same composer from the Starforce series games.

Systems : Systems the game will be released on is the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, XBox One, and PC.  Consoles will get physical releases as well as digital, while PC is available digitally through Steam.

Japanese Subtitle : As like the previous Rockman games before it, it has a subtitle.  The official game name in Japan is Rockman 11 : Gears of Fate or Gears of Destiny... it can be translated to both.

Story (From Capcom) : The Gears of Fate Begin to Turn!  After completing his forbidden research into the Double Gear System, the evil Dr. Wily has turned once-peaceful robots into his destructive henchmen! However, the story of the Double Gear System is more than it seems. Originally designed to push robots past their limitations, Wily's device was deemed too dangerous and his research was halted. Recalling the incident years later, Wily completed his device and now seeks vengeance. With nothing but Dr. Light's prototype Double Gear, does Mega Man have the strength he needs to bring their feud to an end?

Note : Capcom has said that something in this games story-line will answer some questions or confirm something new that was already suspected as canon... what that is at this time is a mystery.

Difficulty Levels :  The game will have 4 difficulties.  In the English version so far they have been seen as (may change) Newcomer, Casual, Normal, and Superhero.  The Japanese title screen revealed their 4 versions as Newcomer, Advanced Mode, Original Spec. Mode, and Expert Mode.  It has also been said that one of the features of Newcomer Mode will allow the player unlimited saves by Beat should you fall into a bottomless pit... which will definitely help younger players or someone new to the insane jumps some levels will require (looking at you disappearing block stages).  Also just recently revealed Newcomer mode will allow 6 shots to appear on screen instead of the normal 3 which will allow a much higher rate of fire for the player.

Enemies : Capcom has stated that this game will have 70% new enemies and 30% returning enemies... this in itself is exciting to finally see some new ideas and patterns coming from the baddies.

Extras :  Here's a shot of the "Specials" menu showing off Challenges, Ranking (scoreboard?), Gallery, and "Automatic Upload Set" (translated by Gunvolt in our Discord, thanks buddy!)... whatever that means.

Amiibo :  A new Amiibo is coming out for the game... and strangely it has been called a "Mega Man Series" Amiibo (kind of like the Smash Series Amiibos).  This could mean that many more Mega Man Amiibos are on the way.  This may be how they add unlockable playable characters or costumes.

Versions : There are so many versions of the game it's bordering ridiculous (cash grab anyone?)... so I will post them all at the bottom of this article.

"Making Of" Documentary :

Episode 1 : "Rockman 11" How to make a game. # 01 ~ development start ~

Episode 2 : "Rockman 11" How to make a game. # 02 ~ Character ~

Episode 3 : "Rockman 11" How to make a game. # 03 ~ Stage & Gimmick ~

Episode 4 :"Rockman 11" How to make a game. # 04 ~ Boss & Effect ~

Episode 5 : "Rockman 11" How to make a game. # 05 ~ sound design ~

Episode 5+ : "Rockman 11" How to make a game. # 05 second part ~ SE / sound effect ~

Trailers :

Announcement Trailer :  This trailer was released during the Capcom anniversary live stream for Mega Man's 30th birthday.  It blew all of our minds and got the hype train started full steam ahead!

Pre-Order Trailer :  This trailer recently dropped when Capcom announced the release date and made the game available to pre-order.  This new trailer showed off new bosses and powers and much more gameplay.

Demo Release Trailer :  This trailer came out on 9/6/18 to show off the just announced Bounce Man and to announce the demo version of the game coming out for Nintendo Switch.

Bosses : 

The full stage select screen (in Japan, as Rubber Man is Bounce Man and Pile Man is Impact Man in English versions).

All of the bosses have now been revealed as of 9/20/18 and here they are listed by order of reveal.

Block Man will wield the Power Gear.

Fuse Man will wield the Speed Gear

Blast Man will wield the Power Gear.

Torch Man will wield the Power Gear.

Impact Man will wield the Power Gear.

Bounce Man will wield the Speed Gear.

Tundra Man will wield the Speed Gear.

Acid Man will wield the Speed Gear.

Previously before the reveals their were pictures showing the collector sets showing what the bosses looked like... but all the names floating around online were just speculation using some common sense and image enhancement.  The best guesses at that time were (from left to right, top to bottom) are... Block Man (confirmed), Acid Man (confirmed), Blast Man (confirmed), Fuse Man (confirmed), Bounce Man (confirmed), Torch Man (confirmed), Impact Man (confirmed), and Tundra Man (confirmed).

Mega Man Companions :

Roll :  Roll is shown in Dr. Light's lab with Rock and appears to help Auto run his shop.  Maybe they will play a great roll later in the game besides just in the cut scenes and shop?  I'd love to see Roll playable in a level, but I fear those hopes will probably not come true... we'll just have to stick to Powered Up for that I guess.  When representatives were directly asked about other playable characters they said they were not speaking about that at this time and to "wait and see"... so there may be hope!

Auto : Auto is back and so is his helpful power-up and item shop!  The currency is once again screws that you can pick up strewn throughout the various levels of the game.  The picture below shows some of the items available such as a 1-Up, and tanks of various types and an Eddie summon.  Also available are some protections to help you during levels like for the level, a Pierce Protector to make spikes not deadly the first touch and a Beat rescue which will save you from a pit fall if you miss a jump.  One of the power-up items includes the Auto-Charge Chip to you can add to your Mega Buster to make it constantly auto charging for you.  It will fire normal shots during the charge phase as to not impede gameplay.  Another is a shock absorber that "Negates the recoil when firing a high-powered Mega Buster shot.

Here we see the weapon and powerup selection screen... which appears to not even show them all on one screen as there is so many to get.  Manual selected (turn on and off) items on the left, and Auto items on the right.  I'm guessing the auto items are things like Beat rescue and Spike Protector... things that will get used automatically if it's needed to save your life.

Rush : Mega Man's trusty pooch is back with some old favorites.  So far we've only seen Rush Coil and Rush Jet in action... but there may be many more in store for us once the game launches.  This time around it's activated by a button and then selecting a direction on the pad to select which form of Rush will spawn which should greatly speed things up as opposed to the old way of selecting by a menu.  With this new dedicated Rush button you are also able to summon Rush to your side while simultaneously using another boss power, not just your normal Mega Buster form.

Beat : It appears that Mega Man's bird friend Beat plays a part in saving the hero if and when he falls into a pit.  On the easier difficulty for the game it appears that he will save him unlimited times if he falls... this will be very useful for new players just learning the ropes.

Eddie : Eddie returns to the game from which looks like summoning him like an item purchased from the store... unfortunately no footage has been shown of him so far that I've seen.

Evil Eddie??? :  Shown briefly in the trailer Mega Man approaches a 1-Up and then a robot appearing to be Eddie's evil twin pops up from underneath it and runs off with it giving you a very short window to react and destroy him to get the item he has.

Mega Man Powers :

Standard Abilities : Charge shot of course has returned and so has his ability to slide.

Double Gear System :  This new double gear system can temporarily boost Mega Mans abilities.  Any time a gear is activated a red meter appears above his head.  If you use the power too much the system will overheat and temporarily disable itself from being used until it cools down.  These are activated by the left and right shoulder buttons.  To help users of the gears there is also a new gear meter refill item that can be found around the levels to help you.

Red Power Gear : This gear significantly boosts Mega Man's buster fire power and also allows him to fire off two large charged bursts instead of one much like the upgraded X Buster also allowes you to power up the boss weapons.

Here is a chart showing how much the damage is using normal shots and charged shots vs the same type of shot while using the Power Gear.

Blue Speed Gear : Speeds up Mega Man and makes everything in the level appear to be going much slower than himself to allow more precise movement or enemy avoidance.

Overdrive Mode (Double Gear) : When Mega Man's health gets around 4 bars left you can activate Overdrive Mode which uses both powers at once and giving you a super powerful charged shot which can annihilate anything in your path.  Once Overdrive Mode is activated it can not be turned back off so it will continue to charge the meter and Mega Man will suffer the consequences of it overheating which will drop his health to what seems to be 1 bar, and will also disable your ability to make any new charge shots... so this is a last resort option when it can mean an instant finishing move before you die yourself.

Boss Powers : Much like in Mighty No. 9... Mega Man now does more than just change color when a boss weapon is selected.  He now changes into a new helmet and his arm cannon changes to a theme close to the boss who's weapon he is using.  Here are the two known forms with him using Block Man and Fuse Man's weapons named Block Dropper and Scramble Thunder.  This time around boss powers can be quickly selected using the right analog stick.

Boss Power Trail Room :  Something new to the series happens directly after defeating a boss.  When you acquire the new weapon it shows a blueprint type screen with the new armor set for that power... 

...and then it lets you test out the new weapon is an isolated weapon testing room that slowly spawns enemies so you can get a feel for the weapon before running into battle with it for the first time.

Transformations?  Costumes? :  Not much is known at this point but the picture below confirms Mega Man can either dress up or transform into his Starforce counterpart in which the attack appears to attack the entire screen.  Could this be the "Ultimate Armor" upgrade for him?  The dual gear meter is running, so it makes me think it's more of a power than a mere costume... but only time will tell!

Challenge Modes :

Score Attack :  Defeat enemies and collect all the points you can.  Get extra points for defeating multiple enemies in a row!  (Mighty No. 9 anyone...?)

Time Attack :  Keep an eye on the time and complete each stage as fast as you can!  Multiple types of time attack are available for a variety of challenges!

Jump Saver :  This mode features a jump counter in the upper-right corner.  Don't waste those jumps!

Ballon Rush Mode : This is a unique take on Mega Man 11’s stages, removing all the enemies in stages in favor of colorful balloons that dot the landscape. It’s not all clowning around, though; you’re still working against the clock! As you make your way through stages, burst blue balloons as quickly as possible by using your Mega Buster or simply running into them. Every red balloon you burst and each blue balloon you miss along the way adds to your timer, so you’ll have to navigate stages carefully to get the fastest time possible. This mode is sure to put your platforming skills to the test, alongside a number of other challenging modes included with Mega Man 11.

Game Versions : 

Physical Editions $29.99 : Game Only, nothing special, just the physical copy of the game available for Switch, PS4, and XBox One.  Also available in digital download versions.

Steam Edition $29.99 : The only available option for PC, digital download only.

PlayStation Network Edition $29.99 : Pre-Ordering Mega Man 11 on the PSN gets you a special PS4 theme created by Truant Pixel packed with nostalgia.  Check out the theme in the video below.

Amiibo Edition $59.99 :  GameStop exclusive for the Nintendo Switch come packaged with the physical copy of the game, an exclusive 30th Anniversary Mega Man Amiibo, a microfiber cleaning cloth for your Switch screen, a Dr. Wily adhesive patch, and 4 stickers.

Pix’n Love Collector Edition $63 :  This edition comes from Europe and is available for the XBox One and PlayStation 4.  It comes with an 80 page hardcover book covering the history of Mega Man, 4 lithographs of the the first 4 revealed Robot Masters, and a beautiful retro box that's sure to bring back memories of getting a new NES game back when you were a kid.

Collector Edition $70- 80 :  These editions are in Japan only and for the Switch and PS4 exclusively.  It comes in a larger presentation box, a starter guide book, and has a mini poster showing Rock with a young Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, clear post cards, and of course the Amiibo for the Switch version.

Limited Edition $95 :  These editions are in Japan only and for the Switch and PS4 exclusively.  It comes in a larger presentation box, a starter guide book, clear post cards, and the acrylic piggy bank.  Strangely no Amiibo in this one for the Switch edition.

Collectibles Edition $50 :  This set only gives you the collectibles and no game.  You get the piggy bank, keychain, production notes book, special collector box, and the clear postcards.

...and finally the quintessential set to put all others to shame...

Complete Box Editions $115 - $125 :  These editions are exclusive to the e-Capcom store in Japan and considered the ultimate edition of the games.  The Nintendo Switch Complete Box comes with with a special collector box, the physical game, a starter guide book, a "special DLC", a cloth A1 sized poster, the Rockman Amiibo, a clear soft vinyl 1-Up piggy bank, an acrylic key chain, a production notes book, and special "clear postcards".  The PS4 version has everything this Switch version has except for the Amiibo, duh.

Updated picture of the complete edition shown on Capcom TV stream 8/15.  
Apparently they changed the bank to a blue hue instead of clear?  :(

Here's a picture of the "finished" piggy bank...

That's all I have for now... if you think I missed anything or new footage has come out that I haven't seen yet send me a message on the News Tip form in the upper left hand corner and I'll check it out as soon as I can!  Stay excited and let the countdown to October 2nd continue!