Playable Mega Man 11 demo coming next month!

Thanks to a listing on the XBox One we now know that a playable demo of Block Man's stage is coming on September 4th!  So far it has not been confirmed that the other systems will get this playable demo, but I will update this article as soon as more info comes in.  It is also unknown if it will be the full version of the level or cut off at the boss room... but it does state that you'll be able to try out the Double Gear system.  Will you download and play the demo or wait one more month to get the full experience?  It might be a good idea to get the demo to perfect your gear using skills ahead of time so you're ready for the real thing  come October 2nd... but what a tease it will be.

Until the demo comes out enjoy drooling over these beautiful screenshots.  :)