E-Capcom Exclusive, Rockman 11 : Complete Edition unboxing

Made my first unboxing video... literally zero production value, but you get the idea.  lol  It's uploading now so you may not be able to see it for a few hours, but I'll be asleep so check out the pics in the meantime and come back later for the video.  😀

The following pictures are of the Collector Amiibo edition and its main box contents.

The following pics are of the collector edition bonus item box that comes with the complete edition only.

 These clear post cards were another even more limited item that only came to people that pre-ordered during the first batch.

These not included in the Complete Edition, but figured someone might like to see the collector edition History of Mega Man book / MM11 players guide.  It also comes with a limited edition and numbered lithograph.

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