Mega Man Royale is now playable!

A new fan game just entered in its Beta stage. Likely inspired by the late Mario Royale, JannyWare has been working on Mega Man Royale, and it is now in its Beta release!
Follow them on Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/jannyware/

To play, all you need is a web browser. Go to http://megamanroyale.com/, type in your name and enter the lobby! There you can try out your controls and battle it out with other players in a safe environment. Mark yourself as ready, wait for your competitors to as well, and you can just start!

As soon as you start, you will be thrown into one of the most classic Mega Man stages. You start with only your Buster and Rush Coil, but enemies will drop weapons randomly. Make it through the stage as fast as you can, and brag about being faster than anyone else!