Mega Man : Fully Charged is getting a toy line!

A new toy line is emerging and a mysterious play set has appears on Amazon.  It's a Mega Buster that opens up into what appears to be Mega Mini's control room?

The product description leaves much to be desired...

Product description :
An all-new TV series, reimagined for a new generation of fans, follows the adventures of Aki light. Aki is a seemingly regular robo-kid who lives in the futuristic silicon city. However – the secret protocols in his programming can transform him into the powerful hero, Mega Man! equipped with a nano-core armor and a Mega Buster arm cannon, Mega Man is able to absorb the powers of the evil robot Masters threatening to destroy his city. He battles the Wickedest of villains – while learning to balance life as an ordinary robot and an amazing superhero. It’s Mega time!

As you can see it tells nothing about the actual toy itself.  The lone picture also seems to leave some things out at this time... as one would assume that it comes with some figures to actually use the play set.  Once more info is found I will update this page with more product pictures.  Until then the release date is set for January 1st but I doubt that's a real official release date.  The price right now is pretty high as well coming in at right around $65-$70 before shipping.

If you'd like to pre-order it, here is the link below :

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