Maverick Hunter X: Giga Mission trailer

A new Mega Man X fan game is in the works and here is the first trailer for it.  This one is a bit different than anything else we've seen and has some neat game mechanics.  It is a side scroller but it has sections with two planes to fight on, you can summon assistance for larger attacks, and it uses sprites much like that found in the Mega Man Xtreme series for Game Boy Color.  Did I mention one of the support characters you can summon is from the infamous Brazilian comic series  Novas Aventuras de Megaman?  Yeah... interesting to say the least.  No word on when this game will be coming, but once it is I'll be sure to post about it.

For updates or more info feel free to follow them on Twitter at the link below :

Here's a posted for the game that shows off the characters a bit more.

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