Mega Man : Fully Charged is coming to Canada, and Episodes 11-18 titles!

One of the biggest complaints I've heard about the new cartoon so far is that it's been restricted to the U.S. only.  Well coming September 8th the show will debut in Canada on CHRGD!  They quietly slipped the show onto their schedule and added it to their show lineup (if you search for it.)


Here's also what their site has to describe the title :

About The Show

For years, robots and humans have lived peacefully side by side in the futuristic world of Silicon City. However, there are those who want to destroy the balance and believe that man and machine were never meant to coexist! Luckily, Silicon City has a protector: Aki Light; a regular schoolboy robot with a secret… Deep within his programming lie protocols that can transform him into the powerful hero, Mega Man! He is equipped with an unbreakable armor, a Mega Buster arm cannon and his sidekick bot named Mega Mini.
Fully-charged adventures await as Mega Man goes head-to-head with the Robot Masters to protect the citizens of Silicon City. With his family at his side – his father and inventor, Dr. Light; human sister, Suna; and robo-pup Rush – Aki needs to learn to balance regular robot life with his responsibilities as superhero. It’s time to get Meganized!

Also for those of you who are watching the show, the titles and descriptions for episodes 11 through 18 have come out!  Check them out below.

Episode 11: "Unfriendly Competition" 

Aki must set aside a petty rivalry with Bert Wily in order to stop Chemistry Man from wreaking havoc at Silicon Central's Field Day. 

Episode 12: "Opposites Attract" 

Fire Man and Wave Man team up to evaporate the city's water supply, forcing Mega Man to team up with an ally of his own-Suna.

Episode 13: "I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency)" 

When Ice Man decides to be a hero, Mega Man, influenced by Ice Man's literalness, steps down from the hero biz until a true crisis snaps him out of it. 

Episode 14: "Trust Your Guts, Man!" 

Guts Man tries to undo Dr. Light's eco-friendly disposal of trash in Silicon City by infiltrating the family and destroying the Lighthouse so he can eat it! 

Episode 15: "Drill of the Hunt" 

Mega Man tries a quick fix using Hypno Woman's powers to rehabilitate Drill Man, to disastrous results! 

Episode 16: "Power Cycle" 

After replicating Elec Man's powers, an underslept/overcharged Mega Man goes on a 24/7 hero spree that ends up turning him into his own worst enemy. 

Episode 17: "Bored to Be Wild" 

Mega Man teams up with his crush, Ashley Adderley, to solve a series of science riddles left by Chemical Man, who's plotting to turn all the city's metal into rubber. 

Episode 18: "Enter the Wood Man" 

Mega Man accidentally awakens Wood Man, who thinks it's still the Hard Age, sets off on a path of destruction toward Silicon City.

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