Rockman X DiVE, a new Mega Man X game is coming to mobile!

Just announced today by Capcom Taiwan is Rockman X DiVE a new game coming to Android and iOS devices.  The game will be released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau regions and so far there is no release date mentioned.  There is supposedly a global release version in the works, but again, no date for that either.  Fingers crossed it comes shortly after the other release!

The story is about a computer system that stores all Mega Man X game data and it has been corrupted, which is why all of the characters seem to be mixed in together.  Your job will be to rescue and repair this data.  So far Mega Man, Zero, and Axl are known the be playable characters.  Hopefully this is a precursor to Capcom announcing Mega Man X9...  only time will tell.  

Be sure and check out the trailer below or check out the website Capcom has set up for the new game at http://rxd.capcom.com.tw/


  1. According to Protodude, who's been either watching this game very closely for many months or helping work on it, there IS a global release in the works!