Mega May is upon us and bringing events all month long!

All right Mega fans, Mega May is here and we've got plenty of events planned to celebrate it!  The Discord has wanted more movie nights and more trivia... so they will get it!  We're also trying to plan a Drawpile for our artistically inclined users so keep an eye out for that.  Every event will be announced again previous to it happening on the Discord and our other social media pages, but all times and places will also be updated here on this post as well.

May 1st - 30th :  Art contest to design a new Mega Man World logo for the site, social media pages, and Discord server.  This can be a revamped and updated version of our helmet / globe logo, or if you can think of something better create something totally new to represent MMW.  Winner will get to pick between a few different items from my personal collection as their prize and also be commissioned to help with the rest of the website assets (buttons, more logos, etc)  One of the prize choices will be an Amiibo version of Mega Man 11 for the Nintendo Switch.  A post with all details of the contest will come soon with more details.

May 4th (7pm EST) : Movie Night!  We'll be watching the live action fan film by Eddie Lebron!  The runtime is about an hour and a half so bring some popcorn! ( https://cytu.be/r/MegaManWorld )

May 11th (7pm EST) : Movie Night!  We'll be watching various fanimations, short films, stop animations, etc.  There's around 30 of them picked out but many are only around 1 minute long, with some of the longer ones being around 7 minutes.  Come and hang out and discuss them! ( https://cytu.be/r/MegaManWorld )

May 18th (6pm EST) : Trivia Night II, hosted by EncrypteData & alraz.  Rules will be the same as last time and will take place on the Discord server ( http://discord.MegaMan.world ) in a temporary room and on voice chat.  Participants will again be awarded with the "Contestant" role on the server and the winner the "Trivia Champ" role.  

May 25th (7pm EST) : Movie Night!  We'll be watching some classic Ruby Spears episodes, the first episode of Mega Man : Fully Charged, and the Red Ash anime (with English subtitles) that spawned from the KickStarter!

Every Sunday :  As always a new comic will be posted for all to enjoy!  ( http://comics.MegaMan.world )

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